March 23rd 2020

updated July 2020

2020 is not panning out how many of us had planned.

We are facing the COVID-19 pandemic which has hit the wedding community hard. We have done our very best to accomodate our current bookings and their postponement dates, This is incredibly time consuming and stressful. We appreciate your patience whilst we navigate through the enquiries.

 In response to the current climate, we would like to re-iterate the following terms and conditions as a reference.

Cancellations, Postponements + Deposits:

As stated in our terms and conditions outlined on the website and on our deposit invoices deposits are non refundable and non transferrable.

Deposits act as a booking fee which cover the administration time and communication costs associated with the Wedding booking process at Shauna Elizabeth hair. This is why our deposits are only $100. They secure your wedding date only, so that date is held solely for you. 

As you can imagine, considerable time is given to emailing, correspondence with Brides and bridal parties as well as costs associated with Administration and thorough paper work for your wedding.

We (Admin assistant and Shauna Elizabeth) dedicate multiple working days a week to communicate with brides, and create personalised files for each bride at the time of booking. These are working hours for us, booking fees go towards these running costs and allow us to continue to run our business and continue to provide dedicated service and correspondence to all of our brides. 


Because of this, our policy is that deposits act as booking fee's and are non refundable under any circumstances.


Transferring of deposits to new dates:

As listed on our terms and conditions & booking invoices, transferring of deposits/booking fee's is against our business policy. 

However for those who are postponing in the event of COVID-19  in a gesture of good will be have outlined the below requirements that we can allow transferring of deposits to a new date without a new booking fee needing to be made. 

-The new postponement date must be within 8 months of todays date (for example if today is March 1st, your new wedding date must be no more than 8 months away from March 1st) This policy is due to circumstances outside of business and is not flexible,  thank you for understanding. We cannot provide Shauna's availability more than 8 months in advance.

-It must be determined that Shauna is available for your new date and not already booked for another wedding. 

-If you are able to meet the above criteria, your current deposit will be moved to your new date. 

- If you are unable to meet the above criteria your booking fee will unfortunately be void. As stated on all invoices, deposit booking fee's are non refundable under any circumstances 

- We highly recommend that if possible, you ask your vendors what dates they are available to postpone to in order to be able to carry your deposit forward to a new date and avoid forfeiting your deposit.  This may mean looking at dates that fall on Thursday's or Sunday's. 

We are trying our best within our boundaries to accomodate everyone.

We thank you for understanding.